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Wine List

Sycamore Lake Wine Company produces and bottles wine on premises from regional grape varieties





Chardonnay:  Crisp dry white wine with a full rich finish.

Riesling:  Semi-dry, fruity apple taste with notes of flower and citrus.

Seyval:  Semi-dry, with clean crisp flavor.

Vidal:  Semi-dry wine with aroma notes of grapefruit and pineapple.

Cayuga:  Semi-sweet, refreshing white wine with a wonderful balance of acidity & fruit flavors. - SOLD OUT


Sycamore White:  Sweet white wine made with Diamond grapes.





Miss Lilly:  Semi Sweet blend with the taste of cherry, ripe strawberry, citrus and peach nectar.


Sycamore Blush:  Sweet Pink Catawba.  A soft sweet light and fruity wine.


Fruit Wines


Rhubarb:  Sweet rhubarb wine, with the right amount of tartness 

Black & Blue:  Sweet blend of blackberries and blueberries

Sycamore Sunset:  Sweet Peach-Catawba blend, smooth and refreshing  




Vintners Reserve:  Medium to full bodied dry red blend, with earthy undertones  

Cabernet Franc:  Oaked dry red, with notes of cherry and spice.

Axe Handle Red:  Medium bodied dry red wine blend.

Marechal Foch:  Smooth dry wine, with hints of vanilla.

Baco Noir:  Medium smooth bodied dry red.

Sycamore Sue:  Semi-dry red blend with notes of cherry and other red fruits

Sycamore Red:  Sweet Concord blend.  Very flavorful and highly aromatic.

Chocolate Covered Bridge:  Sweet Concord blend infused with chocolate extract.

Food Menu

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Smoked Salmon Dip
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