Events and Entertainment Schedule

June, 2022
4th  Chez Cheese  4-8pm
10th Britt Reed, Just Jazz Live  5-8pm
11th  Pegasus  4-8pm
15th  Paint & Sip with Cindy Aschliman  6-8pm
17th  Dustin Hites  5-8pm
18th  Malibu Bay  5-8pm
23rd  Yoga with Alicia Odenweller  6-7pm
24th  Singo  6-8pm
25th  Almost There  5-8pm

JULY, 2022
2nd  Chez Cheese  4-8pm
8th  Logan Ross  5-8pm
9th  Joel Starkey  5-8pm
13th  Paint & Sip with Cindy Ashliman  6-8pm
15th  Liam Stolly  5-8pm
16th  Pegasus  4-8pm
22nd  Dave & Susan Ohl "Two Groovy"  5-8pm
23rd  Malibu Bay  5-8pm
28th  Yoga with Alicia Odenweller  6-7pm
29th  Singo  6-8pm
30th  Marty Ennis  5-8pm